New innovation from Korea that help facial cleansing of cosmetic and makeup leftover effectively, by using only water and can be used repeateldy over 200 times.



  • Nano Puff Makeup Remover

  • Your piece is warranty for a period of 1 months from the original date of purchase under the terms and conditions of this warranty.

    You can request a replacement when the product is fur, damaged fabric or ribbons torn while in use.

New innovation
Makeup Remover
New innovation
Of the Makeup Remover
Finish every face
wash in one piece
Why is it wiped off?
With a new innovation called Nano Structure Cosmetic Fiber
Which has a smaller fiber size 200 times of human hair
Just two simple steps just moisten and wipe off.
No Chemical
Save Money
Can be used up to 200 times.
100% free of chemical ingredients, so it doesn't irritate the face and eyes.